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Hail all!

Two or three weeks ago, the Hávamál discussion list on Yahoo came to a very quiet end. The list presented a bunch of translations of each verse for discussion; it was started in December 2001 and I took it over in 2013, but it was never as lively as it had been the first time they went through the poem. However, one person has expressed interest in doing Vǫluspá in a similar manner, and I was wondering whether anyone else wants that. I'm prepared to do it, one verse a week again, but it would take a bit of my time so I'm sounding out the idea first.

There is an existing Vǫluspá list on Yahoo, started by the same person (Matt R.), but I don't want to take that over. If I do this, it will be a closed list; people will have to join to see the posts; and I'm inclined to do it here on DW as a dedicated journal rather than as another Yahoo list. One reason is that since Yahoo revamped its e-mail and groups, I'm not sure everybody can read and write in Yahoo groups; the Hávamál list had a fall-off in participation when the change happened from which it never recovered. Also since the change Yahoo groups work even worse than they did before. And the business news about Yahoo is all pretty much bad. Doing it here would mean people would have to create accounts here and message me with who they are in order to join and be able to see and respond to the weekly posts, and it has the disadvantage compared to an e-list that you wouldn't receive the posts in your in-box, but it's far more stable and I think easier to use, plus people could post responses to the entry on any verse at any time, which would be helpful for anyone joining the group after it starts. I'd rather not use LJ because I don't want to support the current owners and because it's not very reliable, while DW is, although far fewer people have joined. I've posted similar messages to this one in the All Heathens group on LJ and to the Heathenthing list on Yahoo. Can anyone think of a better place? I'm not on Facebook and never intend to be, and in any case I don't think that can be used for discussions; I used to use Google groups but haven't gone back since they became so creepy about identifying people. But there may be some other venue I'm not thinking of.

And in any case, would anybody be interested? If two or three people would post every once in a while, I think it would be worth doing (and I'll then advertise it on Asatruar on LJ, since more people are members there). But if nobody has the time or the interest, I understand and won't bother.

So what are your thoughts?


Edit to above: Now created here, as [community profile] voluspa_discussion
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