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Name:Dreamwidth's place for all heathens
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:a place for all who honor/worship the Æsir and Vanir
This is a place for all heathens (Germanic pagans, Asatruars . . . ) to talk together and exchange information, and for anyone interested in heathenry (Germanic paganism, Asatru) to come to ask questions.

We believe in frith: the productive exchange of ideas and opinions.

No matter how much you disagree with someone, recognize that there are many different kinds of heathenry and approaches to our gods and goddesses, and yours is not the only one, or the right one. Anyone claiming otherwise will be asked to re-think the absurdity of his or her claim.

Say what you mean, and respond to the other person's points forthrightly. Sneering and bullying are frowned upon, but people who do not talk to each other miss the opportunity to learn from each other. Peace is only good when it is an honest peace; talk through your differences, present your own opinion.

Any sentient being has the right to worship our gods and goddesses. This right does not imply any right to go uncriticized or to be admitted to any kindred, organization, or ritual, but denial that it exists is not acceptable. Let the gods reject anyone they deem beyond the pale.

This place is for heathens; there are other places for other religions. If you try to recommend another religion to us, your post will be deleted and you will be banned.

Moderators will both model and enforce frith--not peace or the promulgation of their own brands of heathenry.

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aesir, aetheling thews, alemannic, alfar, anglians, anglo-saxon, anglo-saxons, armanenschaft, asatru, blót, charms, culturalism, danmark, denmark, dwarves, eddas, einherjar, elves, eormensyl, faring, fetches, folkish heathenry, forn sed, forna seden, franks, friesland, frisian, fylgjur, galdr, germanic goddesses, germanic gods, germanistik, giants, goths, goð, goðar, gyðjur, heathenism, heathenry, heathens, hedenskap, heidentum, heidnisch, heiðni, heroes, hofs, honor, honour, husel, iceland, irminenschaft, irminsûl, jötnar, modern asatru, multiverse, nine noble virtues, nnv, norden, norge, nornir, norway, odinism, orlay, paganism, polytheism, pre-christian religion, pride, reconstructionism, regin, runes, sacral kingship, sagas, saxons, seidh, seiðmenn, seiðr, skaldic poetry, skandinavistik, spae, spá, spækonur, sumbel, sumble, symbel, teutonic, teutons, theodism, tribalism, trú, universalist heathenry, valkyries, vanir, vitkar, vættir, vé, völur, wights, wyrd, wéofodþegnas, wéohas, yggdrasill, ylfe, Ásatrú, Æsir, Ísland, álfar, íslensk, örlög, þéodisc geléafa, Асатру
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