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Hail all!

Two or three weeks ago, the Hávamál discussion list on Yahoo came to a very quiet end. The list presented a bunch of translations of each verse for discussion; it was started in December 2001 and I took it over in 2013, but it was never as lively as it had been the first time they went through the poem. However, one person has expressed interest in doing Vǫluspá in a similar manner, and I was wondering whether anyone else wants that. I'm prepared to do it, one verse a week again, but it would take a bit of my time so I'm sounding out the idea first.

There is an existing Vǫluspá list on Yahoo, started by the same person (Matt R.), but I don't want to take that over. If I do this, it will be a closed list; people will have to join to see the posts; and I'm inclined to do it here on DW as a dedicated journal rather than as another Yahoo list. One reason is that since Yahoo revamped its e-mail and groups, I'm not sure everybody can read and write in Yahoo groups; the Hávamál list had a fall-off in participation when the change happened from which it never recovered. Also since the change Yahoo groups work even worse than they did before. And the business news about Yahoo is all pretty much bad. Doing it here would mean people would have to create accounts here and message me with who they are in order to join and be able to see and respond to the weekly posts, and it has the disadvantage compared to an e-list that you wouldn't receive the posts in your in-box, but it's far more stable and I think easier to use, plus people could post responses to the entry on any verse at any time, which would be helpful for anyone joining the group after it starts. I'd rather not use LJ because I don't want to support the current owners and because it's not very reliable, while DW is, although far fewer people have joined. I've posted similar messages to this one in the All Heathens group on LJ and to the Heathenthing list on Yahoo. Can anyone think of a better place? I'm not on Facebook and never intend to be, and in any case I don't think that can be used for discussions; I used to use Google groups but haven't gone back since they became so creepy about identifying people. But there may be some other venue I'm not thinking of.

And in any case, would anybody be interested? If two or three people would post every once in a while, I think it would be worth doing (and I'll then advertise it on Asatruar on LJ, since more people are members there). But if nobody has the time or the interest, I understand and won't bother.

So what are your thoughts?


Edit to above: Now created here, as [community profile] voluspa_discussion

Music List

Sep. 12th, 2015 06:16 am
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I was, a while back, going through old files and ran into my old Pagan Music list. As I looked through it, I realized that with the exception of ‘Kiva’s’, they were all cassettes and Out of Production. Which, esp. in the case of Charlie Murphy’s album, ‘The Burning Times’ is a shame, if not for the recognition of his writing of the song, ‘The Burning Times’ of which the chorus has become a “traditional” Chant…the “Isis, Astarte, Innana”.
As I went through my present music collection I realized that there was hardly any Modern Pagan music, it was all Heathen or Nordic Spirit. So, here’s my current list:

#1 Group: ‘Fire + Ice’. The only “problem” is the lead singer’s use of traditional singing methods which, to folks whose ears are tuned to modern music, esp. Pop might be disturbing
#2 Group: ’Wardruna’. Spellbinding…LITERALLY
#3 Group: ‘Trobar De Morte’. Beautiful Modern Folk, some songs in English
#4 Group: ‘Moon and the Nightspirit’. Another Modern Heathen Folk band with predominantly female Singers
#5 Group: ‘Faun’. MHF group. More Energetic and Male
#6 Group: ‘Omnia’ MHF even more than ‘Faun’.
#7 Group: ‘Hagalaz Runedance’. MHF with Pagan/Wiccan influences. Great female lead singer!


Jul. 1st, 2012 10:13 am
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To the Modern Heathen, the Framework, the "Lenses", the "Touchstone" the Centre of their Practice. If you aren't, "Lore" is the generic term for all the writings, acheological digs and folklore that presently has been rediscovered of the pre-C peoples of Europe, particularly that of Nordic Peoples(though I know a lot of CR-folk who call it Lore as well).If it isn't at least in the Spirit of the Lore...."It Ain't Heathen"(this doesn't make it wrong, just NOT). Some Heathens take an almost "Fundie" view of it, esp the Havamal and Voluspa.Most accept there are 2 big problems with it; that it was written down generally by Upper Class MEN and they were also Devout Christians. This pretty much meant that with the exception of FOlklorists, what the "Little People" Beleieved/Did was ignored and all were written down by those who looked down(even at the same time they may have Romanticised them). So what mostly survives are the practices and Beleifs of 'Downton Abbey' as written by American Fundimentalists;>. That said, once you "adjust" for these, you can get quite a bit out!
One argument Heathens get into pretty constantly with Pagans is the concept of Valid Experience. Most Heathens, who are decent folks will say that your Experiences are Valid...for YOU. Unfortunately, there are some Pagans that can't "deal" with the Idea that some Experiences/Lessons/etc aren't Universal and start fights(though most today are simply short-lived Flamewars since Heathens tend NOT to stick around those that make them Feel Unwelcome).
The old saw that "Heathenry is Religion with Homework" is quite True and we all know that not everyone likes Homework! Personally, I try to avoid unless I have no choice Heathens that don't. A couple in a kindred isn't too aweful. A kindred made up of!?! Horrible! You might as well be Wiccatru except at least that's based on material a quarter and half century old.
The true Lore Nazi will learn the languages the Primary material is in. Even I'm not that bad(but I DID try;>!)but even 2ndary or Tertiary material can be too "academic" for a lot of folks but if you want to go Deeper into your Heathen Practice you have to go further than the "101" books available(soemtimes) in the Occult or Newage section of your local bookstore.Then again, most folks never delve Deep into the religions they're a part of so why should Heathens;>?

Good Yule!

Dec. 22nd, 2011 01:36 pm
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I wish you all a happy and safe Yule amidst your loved ones, and a great new year.


Apr. 1st, 2011 07:27 pm
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Just wanted to say hi.

Last year I studied Heathenry off and on. This year I am resolved to not only study it, but actually live it!

Not too many Heathens on here, it seems. Oh well. See you around.

- Spear and Hammer


Apr. 27th, 2010 11:16 pm
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There is now an article on heathen hofs on Wikipedia.

Good Yule!

Dec. 21st, 2009 06:25 am
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to all of you, and your families and dear ones; and a new year full of wonders.
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Can you guys see this link? http://roskilde.lokalavisen.dk/et-unikt-fund-af-odin-fra-lejre/20091113/artikler/711139709

If not, put Odin Lejre in the "søk" box in the top right, and click on what comes up.
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Apparently there was a big pagan census 20 years ago, whose results were published in a book. The same people, Andras Arthen and Helen A. Berger, are repeating it with things like the internet added. I know many of us have seen numerous pagan censuses on e-groups, but this one is apparently larger and more scientific. I think we should make our presence felt.

Unfortunately it has the usual flaws, starting off with the assumption we all use "pagan," extending to not offering "heathen" (or "forn sed" or "theodisc") as an option, though Asatru and Odinist are there, and some of the questions were hard for me to answer. But if you want to stand up and be counted (maybe leaving long comments like me), the address is:


It's anonymous, though it does ask about marital status and subjects of study in further education. And annual salary.
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Today marks the two thousand year anniversary of the first day of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. On September 9 in the year 9 C.E., under the leadership of Arminius (Hermann or Irmin the Cheruscan) warriors from several Germanic tribes sprang an ambush on a column of three legions of Roman soldiers (approxinately 18,000 men). When the battle ended on September 11, the Romans had been annihilated (approximately 16,500 dead in battle, almost all the survivors subsequently sacrificed to the gods) and only about 500 Germanic warriors lay dead. The former governor of Gaul and designated governor of Germania, Varus, fell on his sword. The news drove the Emperor Augustus half mad. For the first time, Rome turned back from a projected conquest. They withdrew to the Rhine (Julius Cæsar's earlier border), and erected a wall, the limes, to keep the Germanic tribes from attacking their territories. They contented themselves with the Alpine and Danubian territories and with the Rhineland and left the rest of the continental Germanic peoples alone.

This was a great victory by ancient heathens who came together against a common foe of immense power.

On the voluspa.org lore site (which I recommend anyway), there is a special Teutoburg portal. If your connection can stand a slideshow, the main page is here; the first of seven essays on the background to the battle, the battle itself, and how it has reverberated through history can be found here.

Hail the heroes!


Jul. 23rd, 2009 02:02 pm
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This weekend is Blogathon, and I will once more be blogging for 24 hours for DELTA Rescue, an animal rescue organization in California that rescues cats and dogs abandoned in wilderness areas and that I have supported for a long time. Unfortunately I am not listed on the official Blogathon list due to their technology refusing to let me, but it would be lovely if anyone who still has any money to spare gave DELTA a few dollars, euros, pounds, or whatever. And there are others blogging for other wonderful charities - and whose blogs will doubtless be fun to visit this weekend.

What's involved is continuous posting every half hour starting at 13:00 UTC (2 pm BST, 6 am PDT, 9 am EDT) on Saturday the 25th . . . until the same time on Sunday the 26th. I've done this twice previously in my LJ; this year I'll be video-blogging instead, in my Youtube channel, which is also weofodthignen.

I'll talk about the gods, and then about general heathen topics. Watch me degenerate on camera! Wait for me to stumble over ordinary English words after carefully enunciating Old Norse and Anglo-Saxon! Hear my opinions on who we honour, on clergy in heathenry, on the ancestors, and so on!

I hope it will be fun and accordingly I am cross-posting this to both all_heathens (LJ and Dreamwidth) and to my personal LJ.
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Wondering if anyone has links to rare lore translations, to modern English?


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